Our Artists Create New Industry Standards

The saturation of independent artists has brought about many opportunities for budgets of any size. When faced with stocking music, it’s your desire to have talented legacy artists while leaving wiggle room for stocking more music on your project, but we all know what saturation has meant, both for good and bad. Navigating the saturation of music means filtering a lot of poor talent and quality—and that’s why we are here! We use our talented A&R to search, dig, prod, and scour until our catalogue is stocked with artists who deserve the exposure your placement can offer while exceeding your project needs!

Providence Music Group Standards of Excellence

We purvey the niche specialties of current pop, rock, and R&B. While other catalogues produce the mediocre “everything to everyone” results, we won’t waste your time with music from the medieval era. The artists in our powerful catalogue are not waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime; with our help, they are navigating a lifetime of opportunities. You can count on this rule of thumb: if an artist is in our catalogue, they are the exception when it comes to provocative and touching lyrics, music, and spirit. We believe that music is the greatest physical and spiritual connecter. All of our artists are saying something of true value; there is nothing vacuous in our catalogue. Your project will achieve greater results with our help.

Niche Specialty for Current Pop, Rock & R&B

We don’t desire to be everything to everyone; we just want to give you the most amazing undiscovered artists that will make your contemporary project succeed and expose our amazing artists. If you need that next new sound or a contender with the current industry trends, we are here for you!

You Can Ask For It!

If you don’t hear or see what you are looking for, just ask! We pride ourselves on our extensive network and can deliver!

Simply Delivery System

If you hear a song you like for your project, click the “Sync It” button! The songs you select will automatically accrue in your profile. From there, you can e-mail songs to colleagues and log in anytime to listen. When you’re ready, begin the digital delivery checkout process, and you’re done!

Never Worry About Mechanical Rights!

Our catalogue is fully vetted and licensed for your use! The music we represent is under full contract for our representation and sale. You never need to worry about using the music we help you to secure!